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Official Rules

Cake Competition - Theme "America's Best"

Welcome to the Celebrity Food Show presented by ABF Events, this cake competition is only open to the International Art Institute Culinary Schools at the Art Institute for the 2008 event

Set up and Arrival Date for all Team Members: August 14, 2008 Noon - 5p.m.

All contestants must arrive to the competition site on August 14, 2008 between the hours of 12:00 noon and 5:00p.m. to check in for your badges, assigned booth spaces, Media interview and Booth set up.

Competition Dates: August 15th & 16th, 2008.

Hours of Competition:

Friday: Noon - 5 p.m. (assembly and construction of your cake)
Saturday: 10 a.m. until 2:30 (assembly, construction and decoration of your cake)
Saturday: 4:30 - 5p.m. Award announcements
Sunday: Media interviews and presentation 10 a.m. - 5p.m.


Duff Goldman (Ace of Cakes and his team / Food Network Celebrity Chef)
Executive Chef and World Pastry Winners Christoph D. Bader
C.M.P. Chef Thomas Henzi
Mary Carter Producer of the Celebrity Food Show
And this years 2008 World Pastry Winner Chef Stephanie


All cakes must remain on display until the last day of the Celebrity Food Show,
Sunday August 17, 2008.


Competition Rules and Regulation for the Celebrity Food Show Cake Competition - August 15-17, 2008

1) Each cake is not to exceed 3 feet tall x 3 1/2 ft wide: the length of your cake can be determined by each team and based on your design; your cakes will be measured by the judges. (Please keep in mind your work area will be an 8 ft draped table).

2) Each team must bring a smaller cake for taste testing at the competition by the judges, this can be a layered cake with filling your taster cake can be any shape round square, rectangle with several layers or not. Your taster cake can be 100% made at your school location and brought to the competition site with you on August 14, 2008 it will be sampled by all judges on August 15th, 2008. If you are traveling from out of town and need to schedule time in the kitchen to make your taster cake please contact Mary at 949-366-9938 or email her at mary@celebrityfoodshow.com

3) Each team of two (2) must bring their pre-baked cake(s) all the ingredients, decorations, and equipment necessary in order to build and decorate their cake design for this competition.

4) The Competition Theme for your cake is "America's Best":

Cake(s) must be pre-baked and brought to the competition site on August 14, 2008. Cakes must not be assembled, carved into shape, or designed until the competition begins: (If you are traveling from out of the area, please arrange kitchen time with Mary Carter for baking your cake prior to the competition starting email: mary@celebrityfoodshow.com  direct line: -949-366-9938, these arrangement must be made by July 15th, 2008 so we can make sure we have plenty of room for everyone needing to bake on site from out of town)

60% of your cake decorations or design can be brought to the competition site already made -

40% of your cake decorations must be made at the competition site so the judges, media and attendee can see your craft.

Your cake(s) must be constructed to your design, assembled and decorated at the competition site only and during the hours of competition and only by the team members signed up for this competition

We suggest you practice and do a trial run of your cake prior to the event.

Please have a description of your cake mounted either in a frame or on a decorative board with easel.

The description of your cake should not exceed 100 words; explain the reasons why you have chosen your item, a short verse on the history of the item you have selected and any meaningful comments that apply. This information will be supplied and displayed for the judges and the media to see.

If you are constructing an historical building or landmark please bring a photo of the item you will be making out of cake for the media and the attendees to see, this will be framed and placed on the table next to your completed cake.
Each photo must no exceed 8 1/2 x 11

When your team arrives for set up, refrigeration will be available to store each cake during the set up time until the competition start time begins on Friday August 15th, 2008. Make sure your items are labeled with your team members name on all your supplies and equipment

Cake Ingredients are being supplied by each school for the teams representing each school location.

5) Judging will take place through out the competition days of Friday and Saturday August 15 & August 16th, 2008.

On Saturday afternoon at 5 p.m. the official industry Judges will announce the winners of this competition, First Place, Second Place and Third Place.

A lot of media and spectators will be viewing the competition be prepared.

Each cake must stay on display until Sunday at 5:00 p.m. for media and consumers to photograph.

The Celebrity Food Show will supply: A 10 x 10 ft working space complete with electric, 1 8ft draped table, 2 chairs and Signage with the teams School location and names of each team member.

Each competing team member agrees to occupy the booth during competition hours and not to remove his/her exhibit/cake until the show closes at 5:30 pm on the last day of the event Sunday August 17, 2008.

Each team members further agree: to be fully responsible for his/her exhibit space, the activities therein, and the contents thereof; to abide by all rules and regulations of the Producer/Promoter, Orange County Health Department, and the show location the Hilton Anaheim Hotel, also to hold harmless the Celebrity Food Show /ABF Event staff and Producer/Promoter  as well as the Hilton Anaheim staff and establishment and  each participating school location in witch they represent from any damages, thefts or claims that might occur.


The First Place Winning Team will receive: A $2500.00 cash prize, An Etched Crystal Plate for each team member and the school they represent, along with a Culinary Gift Basket filled with over $500 in supplies and equipment for their future in the culinary industry an award certificate acknowledging there accomplishment along with a photo session with the all the judges.

Second and Third place winners will receive winning Ribbons and award certificate acknowledging there accomplishment in the 2008 Cake Competition and photo session with all the judges.

Each School that participates will be listed on an 8 ft x 5 ft kiosk dedicated to the Cake Competition. A complete web page will be dedicated to this event with photos, Team Photos and school location information as well as links to each school that participates on the official website for the Celebrity Food Show www.celebrityfoodshow.com .

Please submit 2 photo of each team member by June 10th, 2008 to mary@celebrityfoodshow.com
Each photo needs to be in high res 300 dpi and j-peg format these photos are needed for the show program, website and kiosk sign dedicated to the cake competition

Each team member: Please sign and fax the form listed below to 949-498-1198 for photo release to media

6) Judging will be based on the following: The decisions of the judges will be final. Cakes will be judged on the following criteria (10 points each): Judging will take place during the hours of competition. Winners will be announced on Saturday August 16th, 2008 at 5:p.m.

1) Interpretation of theme
2) Originality & Creativity
3) Detail
4) Use of color and detail blending on the cake
5) Taste of the sample cake
6) Difficulty of techniques used Example :( carving, airbrushing, painting (icing) and sculpting of the cake to create its form)
7) Neatness of cake covering
8) Decorations and details
9) Skill
10) Overall appearance


Judge's Discretionary *

The "Judge's Discretionary" points are bonus points that are up to each individual judge to award as he or she sees fit.

Points can be gained for new techniques, new application/interpretation of existing techniques, unusual presentation, Creativity, etc.--anything that stands out in the judge's mind. Especially, the "wow" factor.

7) The Show Producer and the judges reserve the right to disqualify displays that, at their discretion, are in poor taste or fail to adhere to these rules.


8) Acknowledgement and Photo Release: Please fax this back to us at 949-498-1198

By signing this form, I hereby give permission for my photos and entry/entries to be photographed by staff or agents of the Celebrity Food Show or any of their media partners, and I grant permission to the same to reprint these photos and/or to post on their websites or blogs for the purpose of "Winner Recognition" as well as for promotion of the Celebrity Food Show and ABF Events. My signature indicates also that I have read the complete rules and regulations of participation in the contest and hereby agree to abide by them. I understand that neither the Celebrity Food Show staff, management, ownership, contracted service providers, nor the Hilton Anaheim Hotel, staff and/or representatives, as well as the Locations at the International School of Culinary at the Art Institute's and their staff assume any responsibility for loss, theft or damage to entries, displays, equipment, supplies, personal items or personal injuries at the Celebrity Food Show produced by ABF Events. I agree that I indemnify and hold harmless the same from and against all claims, demands, costs, loss, damage, expense, attorney's fees and liabilities growing out of or arising from, caused or occasioned by my activities on the Hilton Anaheim Hotel premises. I declare that I will accept the decisions of the judges. I understand that failure to comply with any part of the rules can result in my entry(ies) being disqualified.

Signature of Team Members

Signature of Team Member 1: __________________________

Signature of Team Member 2: __________________________

Date: __________________________

Call 949-366-9938 with any questions you might have, fax this form to 949-498-1198


Entry is NOT confirmed until payment is received. Coordinator, Mary Carter


9) Team Member Bio: to be used in the show program, media packet and on the
Official show website:

Team Member Name: _____________________________________________

School Location: _________________________________________________

Team Members Competition Partner's Name: __________________________

Please submit a short bio - 100 -250 words about yourself and the reasons why you have moved forward with a career in the Culinary Arts Pasty Division:

Suggestions for your bio:

Someone who inspired you:
Who and Why

How long you have been interested in baking:

When did you bake your first cake and for whom:











Signature: __________________________________Date__________________

Please sign and fax this to: 949-498-1198  attn: Mary Carter Show Producer

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