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Exhibitors must only distribute “bite size” or “sample size” portions of food or non-alcoholic beverages free of charge. All samples need to be provided in a single service container.

The Food and Drug Administration food codes are public health guidance document for all food shows.  All food items offered for sale and conditions under which they are prepared, stored, and displayed must comply with the sanitary conditions related to food items and sampling of food items at all food events. Exhibitors and producers on behalf of Exhibitors are responsible for the following;    

  1. A copy of the current Heath Department Inspection certificate from the processing/co-packing establishment from witch the product(s) being displayed have been manufactured.
  2. Exhibitors must have the proper holding temperatures for hot and cold foods being stored and sampled during the ABF event. Meats must be kept in separate coolers, if serving samples of products with meat keep, raw meats separated from the cooked meat.
  3. Exhibitors must have accurate thermometers to ensure the correct product temperature at all times.
  4. Water services for chafing dishes and pitchers may be obtained through the water source in the back of the Convention room, a map of this will be highlighted and supplied to all vendors during check in.
  5. Exhibitors must follow the best practices for food handling and preparation, including and without limitation to the following:
    1. Pre cooked meat should be used if possible
    2. Product labels must be correct (nutritional information, weights and measures, and ingredient statement must be on every label)
    3. No bare hand contact with ready to eat foods will be allowed (every Exhibitor must have food safety gloves)
    4. Food contact surfaces must be smooth and easily cleanable (a container of Clorox disinfecting wipes can be used to clean and wipe your station down each day)
    5. A wash station in your booth is required and MANDATORY if you are sampling food or beverage items
    6. Do not have open sample cups or sample containers on your booth table top for  people to sample from, sneeze guards, domes, sample cup tops can all be used and protect the product(s) being sampled.
    7. Product being stored in the Exhibitors booth must be kept at least 5 inches off the ground.

If you should have any question or need any information in reference to the above Rules and Regulation or the Health Rules contact the Show Manager Steve Scott at Steve@celebrityfoodshow.com 

Please contact the floor manager Steve Scott to reserve a wash station if you are traveling in for the show from out of state and will be sampling product.

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